MyAdvertisingPays Life Changing Incredible Updates

MyAdvertisingPays Life Changing Incredible Updates

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MyAdvertisingPays Life Changing Incredible Updates

its been a really busy past 6 months with so much happening. I have not had chance to do a blog post as I have been setting up many My Advertising Pays Maps Events all over the UK & now Europe. Soon to be the WORLD.

In addition to all this there has been a NEW edition to the family a Brand New BENTLEY Continental GT V8 S in Volcanic Metallic Black!

You like? please leave me a comment below!

Simon Stepsys BENTLEY Continental GT V8 S




















Many people asked me did I sell my PORSCHE 911 TURBO S to buy the BENTLEY and the simple answer is NO WAY! I LOVE my PORSCHE 911 TURBO S!

So I have the best of BOTH worlds now, a mind bending SPORTS Car in the Porsche 911 TURBO S & the Luxury, POWER & PRESENCE of a NEW BENTLEY GT V8 S!

My Advertising Pays



Simon Stepsys New Bentley Continental GT V8 S



As you can imagine we have been flat out busy!

I also just SMASHED 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS in earnings with MyAdvertisingPays MAPS Career Earnings (RESULTS NOT TYPICAL) all in less than 18 months! I am now earning more than $40,000+ (£28,000) per WEEK or over $170,000 per MONTH & on track to hit my goal of $500,000 per MONTH. 

Best part this is just the start!

I have personal front line team members earning over $30,000 per MONTH!

Some are earning over $90,000 per MONTH!!!

And Some other maps members are earning more than $10,000+ per WEEK!

Again this is only the START!

As I write this post Maps My Advertising Pays has just smashed past 140,000 members in over 232 countries worldwide.

We will have 300,000+ members before the end of 2015.

2016 Maps will TRIPLE in size & SMASH past 900,000+ members!

We are still setting the foundations & leadership up.

My Advertising Pays MAPS Leadership Events 10309246_1581344372115093_8805419598820288114_n 10408028_10203868118568946_2344179599880667868_n 11156249_830395930329108_3005470374583222305_n 11150536_830395943662440_4176681115778334327_n 10435788_830177013684333_1128410446314504225_n 10491249_830177037017664_2702832315386478965_n 10355803_751465021638355_4106682259503890305_n 11034898_10204022659354730_5430014267620543648_n 10429845_10204022659514734_6336111600263812279_n 10603398_10204022659874743_4076212586294774011_n 1545788_10204022660554760_707585592810147682_n 11082546_10153201761627460_1693527772585500130_n 10014587_10204041053454571_8847042750158038428_n 11050797_10204041053534573_550797090185992692_n 10408028_10203868118568946_2344179599880667868_n

The events have been crazy! So many, in addition to the regional & LONDON Maps events We have been to…

MUNICH in Germany for a mind expanding event! The German mappers are creating half the global sales at the moment! There professional structure & serious business people have set the standard for all mappers to follow.

This is down to the 4 strongest leaders in Germany Rainer Barton, Daniel Schafer, Andreas Zenker & Alex Vitocco.

I also just this week flew in Alex Vitocco from Germany to the UK for a Life Coaching day here in NANTWICH. Alex Vitocco is one of europe’s TOP leading life coaches, he was the FIRST certified Bob Proctor (of the SECRET) life coach not only in Germany but also the whole of EUROPE!

In addition to this…

We’ve been to POLAND Warsaw for incredible maps event there, BLUE DIAMOND Kristian & the POLISH MAPS leadership did an amazing job.

Kristian hired the worlds largest limousine a 29 seater Limo! For all the DIAMOND MAPS MEMBERS! Amazing Fun!

He also hired a trip to the tallest building in Warsaw for drinks & then a stunning tour of the beautiful city before dinning at one of the top restaurants! OUTSTANDING! THANK YOU

The VIP events ARE the BEST!

Next we were in PARIS for the FIRST EVER MAPS FRENCH EVENT! another roaring success with around 300 crazy maps french members!

Not to be outdone by the POLISH, French DIAMOND PRESIDENTIAL LEADER Chris Novak hired a PARIS PARTY BUS!!!! For a tour round the incredible sights that PARIS has to offer! UNLIMITED CHAMPAGNE included!  And this was only on the Friday night! Talk about WOW!

The main Saturday was again inspirational, life changing stories about people quitting there day jobs and working MAPS My Advertising Pays FULL TIME! WOW!

Then in the evening Chris organised a STUNNING PARIS CRUISE on the river in a glass boat! The Cuisine was nothing short of SENSATIONAL! The French Cuisine is well know to be some of the worlds best! And boy did they deliver! WONDERFUL AND STUNNING!

For those that missed out on these AMAZING life changing events, don’t worry as there will be MANY MORE! This is only the START!

Germany already have over 20 regional events all over Germany, and host 4 MAIN BIG events too. PARIS will be a 3 monthly event, with again smaller regional events. Poland too.

We are also heading to PORTUGAL for a MAPS MILLIONAIRES WEEKEND in May 23/24 2015.

To find out more about the MAPS Events please take a look at the events site at 

The company are also setting up an events page link so you can see where the next event is at.


You thought that was it?


We are also going to the amazing OPEN AIR MUSEUM of FLORENCE in ITALY for the ITALIAN Maps event! JULY 25th 2015.

Well Done to Lino Curci for working hard in setting up the first ever ITALIAN MAPS EVENT!

Want more?

We also have an event in MALTA! Set up by amazing leader Josette Lungaro!

Set for August 30th 2015

We are also in the process of setting up SPANISH MAPS events & also SOUTH AFRICA.

In October 23rd to the 30th 2015 we have the first ever MAPS MILLIONAIRES WEEK in DUBAI!

For all the information on these My Advertising Pays Maps events please go to 

MyAdvertisingPays MAPS Changing Peoples Lives! Image 3 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15


In 2016 we are already planning events in the Mighty US, Canada, Australia, BRAZIL & MORE!

So if you are new to MAPS or sitting on the fence then don’t! take MASSIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION!

MyAdvertisingPays WILL BE A BILLION DOLLAR Company within 4 years creating THOUSANDS of MILLIONAIRES & there is no reason why you cannot be one of them!

All you need to do is get back to the person who shared this AMAZING company and opportunity with you!

And then take MASSIVE Action!

God bless you.

Simon Stepsys BENTLEY Continental GT V8 S

Simon Stepsys
Internet Millionaire


In addition to all this I am also in the process of writing a BOOK! Called TheMapsPhenomena (Part One) which will be for the first 18 months in MAPS My Advertising Pays History. I even bought the DOMAIN 

A film is sure to follow!!!

So as you can see MyAdvertisingPays MAPS for short is changing peoples lives from all over the world! Why? Because every single person makes money! 100% Don’t miss the boat on the biggest opportunity to ever hit the Internet since the Internet itself!


We are making History! at MyAdvertisingPays

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